Adopting a tree is a neat way to acknowledge a tree that has somehow enhanced your quality of life, whether on a day-to-day basis or one time only.  Participating in this program gives you or your group the opportunity to join a community of treekeepers around the Bluegrass, who recognize the benefits and beauty that trees provide us.


Adopt a Tree Video

Here's how to adopt a tree:

  1. You need a tape measure and camera
  2. Read and complete the Adopt a Kentucky Tree webform 



  • Simple and free
  • Learn to measure a tree
  • Fun group or team-building excercise
  • Calculate benefits of your favorite tree
  • Join in creating a “treekeeper” community in the Bluegrass, share your love of trees!


Why Lexington?

The majority of the urban trees in Lexington are on private property. This includes all of the homes and businesses in our community. Promoting the beauty and benefits of our urban trees is a group effort. The tree in your yard benefits us both. The trees in all of our yards make up the urban forest. A healthy urban forest is a real possibility, one that starts with awareness of its benefits by us, the community.



Tree Identification

Adopt Million Gallon Challenge - complete !!!

We reached our goal of adopting enough trees in 2019 to fill the Million Gallon Challenge stormwater gauge. Your adopted tree (along with all trees and plants everywhere) catches, or intercepts, rainfall in its canopy of leaves (imagine every leaf as a small umbrella), especially important in Lexington and other cities where grey infrastructure systems (stormdrains and the underground pipes that link them together) are often overwhelmed when it rains!

Urban Forest Initiative Million Gallon Challenge



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