About This Walk...

An ideal walk for those on north campus, prospective students and families, and those who want to take a scenic route to the restaurants on South Limestone. Take a close look at the trees on the map below -- they're planted in the shape of Kentucky! This walk takes about ten minutes to complete. Unlike the other walks, this location features a bit of local history. Relax, and learn more about yourself and your community! There is a map below for reference -- the red dot marks the beginning of the walk. #treetyourself

Map of trees

Before You Begin...

Please take a minute to turn off your cell phone notifications. This practice is best done without distraction. If you are doing this walk with a friend, try to do so in silence. 

If you are ever unsure of the direction you are headed, feel free to pause the audio and refer to the map. 

Stay safe, stay hydrated, and have fun!

Northern Catalpa

Sawtooth Oak

Bur Oak