Whether you are a hospital visitor or part of the staff, the Healing Garden outside of Markey Cancer Center is ideal for contemplation and relaxation. It features soothing colors, spaces to be alone or with loved ones, shade, and an abundance of plant life. The soil is sterile and artificial, making this a safe place for those susceptible to infection or illness. It is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Please refer to the brochure provided to learn more about the trees here, and feel free to access any of the guided campus tree walks by clicking here

This garden was designed and constructed by Henkel Denmark, a Lexington-based holistic landscaping company. Bill Henkel, one of the owners, states that he hopes to one day transform UK's entire medical campus into a healing space. To learn more, here is an article on the Healing Garden published by Plant Advantage: 

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