Urban Forest Initiative Tree Inventorying Resources

Tree inventorying has been a part of the Urban Forest Initiative's ongoing activities for several years. A tree inventory involves collecting information (species, size, etc.) on individual trees. We have found that tree inventorying is a multi-faceted approach to better engagement with the urban and community forest. For example, we've used tree inventorying as an educational activity with neighbors and students so that they can learn more about the trees around them. We've also led tree inventorying efforts in concert with land managers, creating a valauble resource for decision making and planning. Additionally, tree inventory data enables us to engage in urban and community forestry research by exploring landscape phenomena using information on large collections of trees. Below are several resources stemming from our tree inventorying efforts.

Tree canopy assessment and tree inventorying: a quick introduction to tree inventory methods.

Nic Williamson (UFI Coordinator) gives a short virtual talk on two categores of assessing trees in the urban and community forest. A tree canopy assessment provides information on the quantity of tree canopy within a given locale, whereas a tree inventory includes a consistent set of parameters on individual trees within the community forest. These approaches can provide information to help shape urban and community forestry efforts and management decisions.

Coming soon: 

How do you measure a tree? What is the importance of this data? Check back soon (Summer/Fall 2021) for a video that details why we measure trees.

Community tree inventorying and outreach in Lexington, KY 

Urban Forest Initiative Neighborhood Tree Inventorying

Tree inventorying can promote engagement between residents and the trees in their community. The Urban Forest Initiative has collected tree data with the help of Lexington community members, compiling tree reports for neighborhood associations and groups to educate and aid in planting projects. See examples from the Hill N' Dale neighborhood and the African American Cemetery No. 2 below.

Urban Forest Initiative Hill N Dale Neighborhood Report Read the Hill N' Dale Neighborhood Street Tree Report

Urban Forest Initiative African American Cemetery No. 2 tree brochure Read the African American Cemetery No. 2 Tree Brochure

University of Kentucky Campus Tree Inventorying

Urban Forest Initiative Campus Tree Inventorying

The Urban Forest Initiative collaborates with the University of Kentucky Facilities Management to build and update a tree database of campus trees. This database assists with daily management and long-term planning of the UK campus forest and is a resource for the UK and Lexington community to learn more about campus trees. 

Urban Forest Initiative TreePlotter map Explore the UK TreePlotter map here (link will take you off-site)

Park Hills Street Tree Report

Urban Forest Initiative Park Hills KY Tree Inventory  Urban Forest Initiative Park Hills KY Tree Inventory

Street tree inventory report of the city of Park Hills, KY by the University of Kentucky Urban Forest Initiative (UFI). Goal was to provide a useful tool in managing Park Hills’ street tree resources in partnership with the City of Park Hills and the county-wide GIS support unit, Planning and Development Services of Kenton County.

Urban Forest Initiative Park Hills KY Tree Inventory Read the Park Hills Street Tree Report

Elmwood Stock Farm Tree Inventory

Urban Forest Initiative Elmwood Stock Farm Tree Inventory

The Urban Forest Initiative and Elmwood Stock Farm partnered to inventory farm trees at Elmwood Stock Farm in Georgetown, KY, culminating in a report quantifying the status of the tree canopy, ecosystem benefits, recommendations and considerations for future management and projects highlighting the importance of trees at urban-rural interface. 

Report coming soon, check back Summer 2020!