Tree ID, Planting, and Care

Tree ID, Planting, and Care

Tree Identification, Planting, and Care

Tree Species Identification

Introductory resources to tree species identification with a focus on Kentucky trees.

Tree Identification

Urban Tree Species Identification - Video tutorial by the Urban Forest Initiative.

Tree Identification in KY - Multiple fact sheets and video resources (UK Forestry Extension).

Kentucky Trees - Common trees native to Kentucky (UK Horticulture).

iNaturalist - Mobile application.

vTree - Web/mobile application from Virginia Tech.

Leafsnap - Web/mobile application.

Planting and Caring for Your Tree Properly

How to take proper care of your tree, starting from when you plant it.

Tree Planting and Care

How to Plant a Tree - We teach you step by step through a video tutorial.

Tree Planting and Care with the Arbor Day Foundation - Comprehensive tree care tips to guide selection and maintenance for new trees.

The Planting Hole - The nitty gritty of the hole your tree will go in, by Urban Forest Initiative

Tree Care: Mulching - How to apply mulch properly, by Urban Forest Initiative.

Fall is for Planting! - Discussion of the best time to plant a tree, as well as other best practices, by Urban Forest Initiative. 

Trees Lexington! - A Lexington, KY non-profit with a mission is to create a vibrant tree canopy for all.

Tree Protection Standards - Construction can cause damage to trees. UK developed these standards to avoid that.

Benefits of Trees

Trees have several calculatable benefits to people, cities, and the environment.

Benefits of Trees

Tree Facts from The Arbor Day foundation - Learn more about all the ways, expected and unexpected, that trees benefit our world.

Vibrant Cities Lab - Take a deeper dive into the benefits of urban trees and how we can take action to uplift those benefits.

i-Tree - Calculate the benefits of trees using i-Tree's host of tools.

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