The Urban Forest Initiative is currently seeking volunteers interested in getting their neighborhoods involved in a brief, 2 hour training and survey session on tree health and care. In each session, participants will learn about the importance of urban tree health and how to spot signs of unhealthy trees.  A walk around the neighborhood will be conducted to help participants to learn the language necessary to report back on the health of the neighborhood tree canopy using a simplified tree assessment guide. 

FOR PARTICIPANTS LOCATED IN LEXINGTON: In addition to the urban tree workshops, we are teaming up with the Environment & Natural Resource Issues (ENRI) task force and Fayette County Cooperative Extension to offer combination workshops focusing on urban trees and lawn nutrient management. Why nutrient management? In Fayette County, data has shown that most homes and gardens exceed maximum recommendations for phosphorus (P).  Overfertilization of lawns can causing nutrient loading to stormwater runoff, which can lead to impaired water quality.  These workshops, titled "No P on My Lawn," seek to inform you and your neighbors on the risks of overfertilization while learning to assess and manage nutrients in the home landscape.  Neighborhoods taking combination workshops will have the option to sign up to receive free soil testing that will potentially help to jumpstart lawn nutrient management plans.

All trainings are free and will occur during the months of June through August, with the option for soil testing extending into the fall.  The time and location of individual sessions is flexible and can depend on your group's preferences.  We can come to you, just let us know your preferred neighborhood meeting location.

*Soil testing can be scheduled at a later date following the completion of the Urban Trees & Nutrient Management workshop*
If you are not sure of a date, no worries! We are willing to work with you and your group to find the best time and location.

Thank you for completing this survey!  We will follow up with you soon to finalize details of your tree training and assessment session.  In the meantime, email Grace Coy at with any questions.