TreeVangelist Training

TreeVangelist Training

treevangelist training

TreeVangelist Training

2088 Deauville Dr

Last Revised: Aug 18th, 2023

Date and Time

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Event Description

Join us for LFUCG's First Annual TreeVangelist Training Program. This program is designed to help you connect with trees through understanding, to share best practices for tree care, and to provide you with knowledge that you can then share with the greater community. This program will cover: how to choose the right tree for your location, what to look for when you purchase a tree from a nursery, the difference between the common tree “types” available for purchase, how to plant a tree & how to care for a tree. We will end the session with a tree planting so you can get your hands dirty and put into practice some of what we talk about during our session.

As a “Thank you”, you will be given a tree to take home to plant on your property so that you may experience the lifelong benefits trees provide to you, the community and the world. This event is kid-friendly.

Contact Information

125 T.P. Cooper Building Lexington, KY 40546-0073