Bradford Pear Bounty

Bradford Pear Bounty

bradford pear bounty

Bradford Pear Bounty

Franklin County Extension Service Frankfort, KY 101 Lakeview Ct Frankfort, KY 40601

Last Revised: Aug 18th, 2023

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Bradford pears (a cultivar of callery pear) are not native to Kentucky, but they have been widely planted. Unfortunately, not only are these trees a poor choice for landscapes, they are also bad for the environment. Here's why: Bradford pear were once popular because they are fast growing with pretty blooms. In reality, their blooms smell bad and the trees are prone to cracking and quickly become unsightly. Furthermore, invasive Bradford pears don’t stay put - their seeds spread into nearby areas and damage the productivity and integrity of farms, forests, and natural areas. This program will give homeowners the chance to remove their Bradford pear trees and replace them with more attractive, long lasting, and valuable native trees.

Here's how it works: Property owners must cut down their Bradford pears and bring in a photo documenting the cut trees to receive an equal number of FREE, young native replacement trees.

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125 T.P. Cooper Building Lexington, KY 40546-0073