urban forest initiative tree week 2020 leafing an impression



Collect a variety of leaves and enjoy the autumn colors, while exploring the following activities.  (Helpful supplies: white paper, coffee filters, drawing & coloring tools, white glue, embellishments. Recommendation:  Color first, cut last.)

  • Embellish your leaves--draw, paint, and/or glue objects on them.
  • Color a leaf with watercolor markers.  Press the colored side of the leaf onto damp paper to create a print. Repeat.
  • Draw outlines of leaves on white paper. Color leaves any way you like.
  • Lay a piece of paper on top of a leaf and rub with crayon to reveal the leaf outline, ribs and veins.  Optional: paint over the crayon with watercolor and see what happens.
  • Draw an outline of a leaf on a coffee filter. Color with water color markers. Spray or drop water on the drawing and watch the colors move. 
  • Lay a coffee filter on top of a leaf and rub with crayon to reveal the leaf underneath. 

Cut out your leaves.  Imagine what you can make with them.  MAKE IT!  


Date & Time

Ongoing throughout Tree Week 2020



Wherever you'd like to collect leaves!



Sonja Brooks @ sonja.brooks@art4edu.org