urban forest initiative tree week 2020 jake gibbs



Commune with the bur oak trees planted in Jake Gibbs' honor!

This fall, several trees are being planted in memory of Jake Gibbs. Come visit these trees and consider doing some Jake-approved activities:

  • Drink a good cup of coffee, especially savoring the first sip
  • Have a West 6th IPA
  • Sit near the tree and read a book
  • Listen to the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or Tom Paxton
  • Do a little Moon Dance
  • Take a nap near the tree
  • Talk to Jake


Date & Time

Ongoing throughout Tree Week 2020



Any of the Jake Trees around Lexington!

  • Bur oak tree at Bell Park, directly behind the Bell House (already planted)
  • Signature Tree Week bur oak at the Northside Library, dedicated to Jake (planting on Oct. 9)
  • Legacy Trail bur oak near McGrathiana Parkway (planting on Oct. 17)



Bridget Abernathy @ bridget.abernathy@ky.gov