urban forest initiative tree week 2020 gardenside tree walk



Gardenside Neighborhood has many beautiful trees, so take some moments to look up and enjoy their leaves and their bark, their shapes and their colors.To start your walk, find a map at www.facebook.com/GardensideLex/events. These are just a beginning – what trees do you see on other streets? Post photos of these and other trees you see! www.Facebook.com/groups/gardensidelex 

Did you know? Trees are valuable assets for communities. They help to save energy, improve air and water quality, reduce storm water runoff, store carbon, and they also increase property values!




Date & Time

Ongoing throughout Tree Week 2020



Gardenside Park (1835 Yorktown Rd, 40504)

Also check out the tree map in the kiosk in the park!



Susan Spalding @ sespalding964@gmail.com