Urban Forest Initiative Tree Week 2019 UnderMain Special Tree Essay Contest



In celebration of Tree Week 2019 UnderMain invites you to write a short story or poem about that special tree of your childhood, your past, or in your life today. Why was it your “go to” tree? What species was it? How does it make you feel to recall it? What has become of it? The possible angles are limited only by experience and imagination. Please limit the word count to 500. UnderMain reserves an editorial prerogative to ensure that our content is a comfortable fit with community standards. We can illustrate with stock photos, a source-credited digital image of your own, or with your digitized drawing. We’ll publish your essay on UnderMain so that you can share it with the world.

Listen to a radio interview about Tree Week and "That Special Tree" essay contest here: https://under-main.com/newsletter/essay-invitation-that-special-tree/  


Date & Time

Ongoing through Sept. 12



Submit completed essays to tom@under-main.com



Tom Martin @ tom@under-main.com