Urban Forest Initiative Tree Week 2019 Oakland Farm Day


Urban Forest Initiative Tree Week 2019 Signature Event This is a Signature Tree Week 2019 Event !



Learn how preserving old trees and nurturing new ones are part of a working farm operation. Educational speakers and topics at 10am include:

"Reestablishing trees in pasture land" by Doug Witt (Oakland Farm Trees)


"Importance of native trees for Kentucky birds" by Hannah Helm (Frankfort Audubon Society)

Participants will be able to buy native trees at the Oakland Farm Trees nursery throughout the event.


Date & Time

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 @ 9am - 1pm



Oakland Farm Trees (native tree nursery) ( 1608 Winchester Road, Paris KY, 40361 )



Laura Greenfield @ oaklandfarmtrees@gmail.com