Urban Forest Initiative Tree Week Treesnap at Floracliff



Floracliff is home to some of the oldest known trees in Kentucky. This fall marks the 10th anniversary of the research project that “discovered” these old chinkapin oaks through dendrochronology. For this workshop, we will be revisiting these revered oaks and submitting updated measurements and observations to TreeSnap. TreeSnap is an app for foresters, landowners, and citizen scientists to easily record information about trees and share that data with scientists. Scientists are using this information to aid research projects focusing on genetic diversity and the factors that allow some individual trees to survive. Participants will be trained to use TreeSnap and will learn about the characteristics of old trees, the uniqueness of Floracliff’s old trees, and their significance to the region.

Instructors: Dr. Ellen Crocker (UK), Beverly James (Floracliff)

Hiking Level: Moderate to Difficult 

**Limited to 10 participants (pre-register at http://floracliff.org/events/)


Date & Time

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018 @ 10am - 3pm



Floracliff Nature Sanctuary ( 8000 Elk Lick Falls Rd, Lexington, KY 40515 )



Floracliff Nature Sanctuary @ info@floracliff.org

**Pre-registration and details for this and other Floracliff events can be found at http://floracliff.org/events/