These are the 3 layers which can be turned on and off using the icon in the upper right corner of the map:

  1. Tree Locator - find basic information (species, size) or send an email to a UK Campus tree
  2. Adopted UK Trees - UK Campus trees that have been adopted
  3. Tree Benefits to UK Campus Buildings - ecosystem services provided to UK buildings by surrounding trees

Do you have a favorite tree on campus? Participating in the Adopt-a-Tree program is your chance to highlight a tree that is important to you.

Send an email to any of the trees on the map with the "Send Tree Email" function. "Why email a tree?" you might ask...

  • Trees are cool !!!
  • Interested in knowing more about a particular tree?
  • See a concern with a tree that UK Facilities should know about?
  • Because sometimes trees just understand things better than people...