Urban Forest Initiative Seth Mullins


Below is a short interview with Seth:


How do the goals and objectives of Urban Forest Initiative align with your interests?

As an Environmental and Sustainability Studies major, I’m interested in the intricacy of natural systems and the ways in which humans can fulfill our responsibilities within these systems. I am interested in large-scale human effects on nature and ways in which we can repair or improve human-environment interactions. Urban forestry is a perfect example of the human-environmental connection, and showcases the importance of trees in our lives and in different environments.


What excites you about working with UFI as part of this internship?

The relationship between humans and trees is a complex and ever-changing investigation. I’m excited to learn more about trees and how they can effectively co-exist with humans in an urban setting. I look forward to increasing my knowledge by working with a team of professionals that have extensive expertise and skills.


How do you feel about trees?

Trees are crucial to the health of our Earth and offer many solutions to promoting the health of our world. By studying trees in urban environments, we can better understand the effects that trees have on humans and how cities affect our surroundings. I look forward to learning about these important organisms and being able to share that knowledge with others.