Seedleaf Community Gardens

Additional Information

Since 2007, Seedleaf has been working to nourish different areas in the Lexington community by developing a network of community gardens that bring fresh produce to places that lack food security.  In addition to sharing food and work, Seedleaf encourages sharing community among neighbors and volunteers, thus reconnecting people with their food, the soil, and each other.

As of 2017, Seedleaf has erected 15 free u-pick community gardens throughout the county, many of which are located in Lexington’s food deserts, which they define as being communities where access to fresh food is not easily accessible.  In addition to the volunteer gardens, Seedleaf also has a network of 35 local restaurants and kitchens from which they pick up compost, which is used to enrich the soil in the gardens.

Interested in learning more about donating, attending workshops, or volunteering with Seedleaf? Check out their website: