Urban Forest Initiative Summer 2019 intern Josh DeHaan


I am a Forestry Major at the University of Kentucky, class of 2021. Aside from my internship with UFI, I am currently employed at the rock wall at the Johnson Center and next year I will begin work as a FireCAT. After graduation, I hope to use the skills acquired through this internship to become either an arborist or a wildland firefighter. My hobbies include rock climbing, running, snowboarding, slacklining, or anything involving the outdoors.


Below is a short interview with Josh:


How do the goals and objectives of Urban Forest Initiative align with your interests?

Ever since taking dendrology, I have been fascinated by trees and the role they play in the ecosystems they are a part of, specifically urban trees. The Urban Forestry Initiative has provided me with an opportunity to gain hands on experience working with and learning about urban trees and their benefits on urban ecosystems.


What excites you about working with UFI as part of this internship?

I am excited to be gaining hands on experience in the field of arboriculture, while working with a group of people who are equally passionate about trees. It is also exciting to know that the work we are doing is important not just for the University of Kentucky, but will also be a great resource for the city of Lexington.


How do you feel about trees?

I believe trees are fascinating in many ways. They are capable of sequestering hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of CO2 per year. They save money by collecting storm water runoff and they lower air conditioning costs as a result of shading on buildings. They also possess aesthetic and spiritual qualities that make humans want to be around them.