Urban Forest Initiative intern Gabrielle Petersen


During summer 2018 UFI welcomes intern Gabrielle Petersen, who will be working on multiple tree inventorying projects all over the Lexington-Fayette area and broader bluegrass region. Gabrielle is an Environmental Studies, Policy and Justice major at Warren Wilson College. We are excited to work with Gabrielle while she is home in Lexington for the summer, as she brings a first-hand knowledge of the city and its greenspaces to our team.


Below is a short interview with Gabrielle:


How do the goals and objectives of Urban Forest Initiative align with your interests?

My interests in natural services have taught me to comprehend the benefits of trees in general, and when it comes to an urban setting their relevance is extensive in regards to human life. Since I am human, I truly appreciate their services. I value urban forestry outreach to the Lexington community, and spreading this information is also essential my own interest in sustaining a healthy biosphere through forestry.


What excites you about working with UFI as part of this internship?

I am always excited to participate in community service in relation to my lifelong interest- environmental issues. UFI serves as an ideal partner for me in this goal, and also helps me channel this broad passion into a more specified category.


How do you feel about trees?

I love trees, my favorite trees are the live oak and the baobab tree (though I have not seen a baobab in real life yet). They are very special to me because of their countless physical, mental and spiritual assets to all life. I am aware that I know such a tiny portion of the established knowledge on trees, and I am very excited to learn more!