Native Tree Picks

Bridget Abernathy


Fall is upon us, and it is the perfect time to think about planting trees. Whether you are planting in the fall or planning for an early spring planting, choosing the right native species for the site is essential for the survival and vigor of the tree.

10 Common Plants to Avoid (and some alternatives) in Kentucky

Dan Stever


Plant selection is never an easy choice. There's the old adage of "right plant, right place." But what criteria make a plant the right choice?

Tree Care: The Planting Hole

The Planting Hole: The Key to Establishment of Trees and Shrubs in Landscapes

The species has been selected. You made sure that it s adapted to the site’s cultural conditions and will not grow larger than the soil volume or above-ground space. The plant is superior quality with well-spaced branches and a solid root ball.  All that remains is to get it in the ground. 

Green Roofs in Central KY

By Dan Steever

What is a green roof, and how could your building benefit from rooftop vegetation?