UFI intern Brianna Damron

In May, UFI welcomed Brianna Damron, who will be working this summer on several community-related tree projects at UK and in Lexington. Brianna is a University of Kentucky undergraduate Pre-Nursing student whose interests include the connection between environmental and human health. Along with Jonathan Gomez, Brianna will be working to assess tree health on UK campus, and also serve as a community liason by working with Seedleaf and North Limestone CDC. We are overjoyed to have Brianna on board for the summer! She brings a unique perspective in being interested in the social and community aspects of urban forestry.

Below is a short interview with UFI intern - Brianna Damron


How do the goals and objectives of Urban Forest Initiative align with your interests?

When people realize that I’m a Nursing student working with UFI, I always get the same question – “Why?” I am a big proponent of reciprocal and holistic health. I believe that in order to be healthy individuals, we must ensure that our environment is healthy, and vice versa. I’m also a fan of environmental sustainability; the fact that I get to work to further this is incredibly rewarding.


What excites you about working with UFI as part of this internship?

I’m excited to be a part of something that’s making such a big impact not only on UK’s campus, but in the city of Lexington. I love that I get to develop my passions for community development and environmental sustainability.


How do you feel about trees?

I think that trees are just as much a part of our lives as other people. Oftentimes, I feel that people underestimate their value. Trees are beings that should be respected, as they give so much to our planet. If everyone took time out of their days to simply be with trees, I truly believe the world would be a more beautiful and compassionate place.