Urban Forest Initiative Angela Sanchez


Below is a short interview with Angela:


How do the goals and objectives of Urban Forest Initiative align with your interests?

UFI hopes to increase Lexington’s tree canopy, collaborate within the tree-minded community, and educate city residents about the value of urban trees. As a future landscape architect my goals closely parallel UFI’s. As a designer I will need to know how to use trees successfully in city landscapes and market their benefits to stakeholders.


What excites you about working with UFI as part of this internship?

I love inventorying trees in parts of Lexington that are new to me.  Getting experience meeting members of the communities in which we are working connects trees with the people they serve. This is the exciting space that fuels ideas about how trees can improve people’s wellbeing and provide ecological solutions.


How do you feel about trees?

My favorite sound in the world has always been the wind blowing through the trees. Trees have been important symbols to me since childhood and I am happy that I will be working with them throughout my career. I’ve been amazed to learn how incredibly beneficial trees can be in my urban forestry class fall semester and during my internship at UFI. There is no more powerful plant that can be placed in a landscape than a single tree.