The favorite silver maple of Claire in Summer 2015


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Tree species 

> Silver maple


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The silver maple, or Acer saccharinum, has many beautiful qualities that ties the whole tree together. The crisp beautiful summer leaves are a dark green with large veins shooting out the middle of the leaf, and a beautiful silver color on the outside. And in the fall all of the leaves create a variety of fall colors that blankets the ground with red, orange, yellow, brown, and dark green. The bark on the tree is very rough all around, but the branches are smooth. The tree is about 35.7 feet tall, which is normal for a mid sized silver maple. And the diameter is about 9.6 inches, which is also normal since the trunk is kind of thin. The silver maple can tolerate a wide variety of different soils and provides a large space of shade since the leaves are wide and long. In the fall when all of the leaves on the trees are falling I notice this tree, its beautiful changing leaves and the color just amaze me. It's been next to my house ever since I moved into it. When I started my project on the tree I never noticed how large the tree was, but as I raised my head I was like looking up at the sky and I could still see the leaves. It makes the house next to me look like it has character and style, and it blends perfectly with all the beautiful flower buds in the yard. When I was identifying this tree I noticed all the little things that make it beautiful and it reminded me of trees from a painting that has many colors and detail. The silver maple can provide many services that help the environment and neighborhood around it. For example the silver maple can conserve about 43 kilowatts of electricity for my neighbors house, which is a lot, but is good for the big neighborhood I live in. It can also intercept about 2,167 gallons of storm water each year. These facts that I learned are very important for the environment I live in, I live in an urban area that needs the help from these trees. I chose these facts because they are great benefits my tree can provide and take in. And if people can start planting more of these trees costs could go down and our neighborhood can develop into a beautiful place that is full of different kinds of trees. My favorite tree is a magnificent, helpful and almost magical tree that I am lucky to have next to me. I enjoy it being there and being able to see it change through each season. And since I want it to stay with me for a while I will make sure that it stays healthy and get enough sunlight and water, I will also make sure no harmful pesticides make there way to the tree and harm it. And now when I see a new tree I'll ask myself, can I help it, can I learn from it?

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 2167

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 43

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 172

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 55



  1. The favorite silver maple of Claire in Summer 2015