The favorite Oakof Justin Bambach, Zach Major in October 2015


>Justin Bambach, Zach Major

Tree species 

>Red oak


 >Front of Willy T. Library's main enterance


This tree is important to us because it is located on a prime spot on campus between the Willy T. Young Library and the newly built 90. It is one of the many trees in this area that provides really nice vegetation to make the area look so much nicer. It also provides shade for highly used sidewalk right by it. This tree oak tree is about 17 years old, so we see a lot of potential in it to become a very large and successful tree.

Rainwater interception (gallons)


Energy conservation (kWh)


CO2 reduction (pounds)


Overall annual benefits ($)




  1. The favorite red oak of Justin Bambach, Zach Major in October 2015