The favorite pecan of Austin & Seth in March 2016 


> Austin and Seth

Tree species 

> Pecan


 > Behind Ag Science North


This tree is important to me because it is near where many of my classes are on the campus that I love. not only is this tree significant to me for its location but it is also significant because of how large it is this tree has obviously been there for many years and over its life span i can only imagine all the things and changes that it has seen done to the campus over the years that it has been located there. this tree is special because it is planted down in a landscaped hole with nice landscaping around it which means that someone was really thinking about the future when planting this tree, it was planted in a hole in the ground and grew into a huge beautiful tree.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 7829

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 171

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 214

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 73



  1. The favorite pecan of Austin & Seth in March 2016