The favorite Eastern White Pine of Abbey in Summer 2015


> Abbey

Tree species 

> Eastern White Pine


 > Grandma's backyard


My favorite tree is a Pinus strobus also known as an Eastern White Pine. This tree is located in my grandma's backyard. It is 41.34 feet tall, and its diameter is 11.306 inches. The pine has dark green needles that are about 4 inches long and are in bunches of 5. Some of them have started to turn light yellow and will soon fall off. In the center of a few bunches are small, brown, and oval shaped buds of pinecones. The tree has a few fully-grown pinecones that are around 5.5 inches long and a light brown color. The bark is smooth, gray, and has sap oozing out of part of the trunk. The reason I picked this particular tree is because it's very important to me. When we were younger, my cousin Bridget and I would climb to the top and talk. Sometimes we hid in the tree if we played hide and go seek, and no one would ever find us. We always knew that if grandma caught us climbing we would both be in big trouble. One day we both decided to carve our initials on it. BAC and AER are still engraved in the tree trunk today. Whenever I see this tree it brings back all those good memories of us when we were little. One of the benefits of my tree is that it increases property value. The backyard of my grandma's house backs right into another backyard. They have planted multiple trees across the border where they meet. These trees are tall and make a kind of fence. This way both yards get their own privacy, it is better for the air, and the homeowner doesn't have to pay for a fence. Another benefit is that my tree is a great habitat for wildlife. It is tall and can hide nests easily. Many birds live in my grandma's yard, and my tree is one of the places they build their nests. Overall my favorite tree benefits property value, provide habitats for wildlife, and bring back good memories of my cousin and me.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 2843

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 44

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 120

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 49



  1. The favorite Eastern White Pine of Abbey in Summer 2015