The favorite Cleveland pear of Sergio in Summer 2015


> Sergio

Tree species 

> Callery Pear


 > It is in my front yard.


This tree is located in front of my house. It has green leaves and it grows white flowers in the spring. The tree is a medium size tree and its diameter is 8.3 inches. This tree is called the Callery pear tree (Pyrus callery) or as I like to call it the refilling station. I call it that because the tree has little pears on it and my dad and I like to throw them at each other when ever we are walking around the neighborhood. I have many memories of all the fun we have throwing those little pears at each other. Other things I like about this tree is that it's right outside my window. Sometimes I just look at it and it makes me think of my mom or some one from my family because we have a lot of family gatherings in our yard. Also when I'm doing my homework at my desk it helps me focus on my homework. In the spring it turns into the most beautiful tree because it grows white flowers and the great thing about my neighborhood is that they these trees are everywhere in the neighborhood which gives it more pizazz. The benefits of my tree are that it makes our property more valuable because of its beauty. It reduces 120 pounds of carbon dioxide every year and also gives use air to breathe. Since it is in front of my window it shades me in the summer. Overall it's a great tree to have because in the springtime it turns into the most beautiful tree in the world.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 1095

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 28

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 120

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 24



  1. The favorite Cleveland pear of Sergio in Summer 2015