The favorite callery pear of Katherine in Summer 2015


> Katherine

Tree species 

> Callery pear 'Aristocrat'


 > Next to my driveway


Pyrus calleryana, otherwise known as the Aristocrat Callery Pear, is located in the yard next to my driveway. There are many other plants in the area around my tree. Lots of wildlife also inhabit the tree's area, including a squirrel family, robins, occasionally doves, spiders, and lots of other wildlife. The leaves are sort of circular and gradually get kind of folded as they turn. Green vines of ivy tangle up its dark brown bark and all over the ground around it. It is 10.8 meters tall. It currently has green foliage, but the foliage will start to change color when it is a bit later in the fall. Our Aristocrat Callery Pear tree has been at my house since before I was born. We have 3 now and used to have 6, but 3 of them got a disease and had to be cut down. So, my family and I are hoping that no more of them will be cut down. During the spring and early summer, my family and my friends like to play around the Callery Pear trees because they have white tiny flowers that have petals that look like snow when the wind blows and they fly through the air. So, we shake a limb and try to catch as much "snow" as possible in little buckets or in our hands. We really like our trees and they look beautiful especially in the fall. It has gorgeous fall colors, and we are very excited for fall to be officially in the air. This tree is a great tree to have because it has many benefits. One of these benefits is that when it is raining hard, when you look out your window it feels comforting and protecting. So, whenever I'm in my sunroom while it is raining, I feel more comforted with the trees taking in the rain. This is also a good thing because it is taking in lots of the rainwater, which causes less runoff. Another benefit is, this tree it is reduces 61 pounds of atmospheric carbon. So, when you are planting trees, just know that you will be saving pounds and pounds of CO2 from ruining our earth. I have more Callery Pears in my yard and around my neighborhood. They are beautiful trees and they bring back many good memories of my family and me.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 1211

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 32

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 61

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 12



  1. The favorite callery pear of Katherine in Summer 2015