The favorite eastern white pine of Nicholas in Summer 2015


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My favorite tree is an eastern white pine, or Pinus strobus. The bark is a light brown in the summer and spring, and dark brown in the winter and fall. The height of this tree is 25.93 feet. The bark is bumpy at the bottom and smooth at the top. In the bark there are holes that have sap coming out. This sap can be used to keep fires going longer and bigger. The needles grow in clusters of two or five. When dead, the needles are a light brown. When they are alive the needles are dark green. The eastern white pine is shaped like a Christmas tree. The reason I like this specific tree is because I do lots of things near it, on it, or sometimes in it. Some of the things that I do near this tree are riding bikes and playing baseball and using it as a base. Some of the things I do on it are tying food for birds on to it and climbing on it. Some of the things I do in it are hiding things from my brother, sister, and friends and riding my bike into it. I also like this tree because some of the furniture in my house is made of wood from this tree. This tree conserves fifty kilowatts of electricity for cooling that is used during the spring and summer and also conserves one therm of oil and natural gas for heating that is used during the fall and winter. This tree also helps with air quality by reducing one hundred thirty-three pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 3229

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 50

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 133

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 68



  1. The favorite eastern white pine of Nicholas in Summer 2015