The favorite striped maple of Caroline in Summer 2015


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My favorite tree is in my backyard. It is called a striped maple. Its scientific name is the Acer penslyvanicum, but it also is just known as a maple, or it is called a moosewood. The bark is brown but it's just almost gray when you look at it closely in person. The leaves are a pretty shade of green that are like a green apple. The leaves have three pointy parts that curve inward. The DBH of the tree is 10.59 inches, or, 5.54 centimeters. The height is 36 feet, or, 3.6 meters. My tree did not have any cones, berries, or anything that grows off of a tree. However, I noticed many insects were all over it such as ants and cicadas and bees fly around it. Of course birds sit in it, but currently, there is not a bird's nest in it. My tree is on a hill, and you can see the big roots coming out of the ground. This makes me think it is an older tree. Which is likely, because my house was built in the early 80's. It needs new mulch around it because the soil is starting to erode; this also makes me think it's a bit older. I picked this tree because it really stands out to me more than the other trees in my yard. When you go into the very back corner of my big backyard, this tree is the first thing you see. It is also a good climbing tree. I never climb it, but my friends and neighbors do when we're playing games in my backyard. It has a perfect branch near the bottom for easy access to start climbing. When all my neighbors and friends come over, we play "capture the flag" and we'll hide the flag in the top of the tree. It provides lots of shade in the area it's in, and protects the house by shading it too. I also really like the leaves on this tree. They turn an orange/red color in the fall, and it's beautiful. I'm pretty sure this is the only maple we have in our yard as well! Well, like I mentioned, the tree shades our house and the area it's in. My tree makes $69.00 a year. If it keeps growing, it will make $86.00 a year. Its property value is $48.00. All in all, my tree is very important in the urban forest. It may not be the biggest it can get, but it will grow a little more and provide more services, as long as my family cares for it. My maple tree is very pretty to look at from our back windows, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming change of color on the leaves.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 2249

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 54

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 203

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 69



  1. The favorite striped maple of Caroline in Summer 2015