The favorite Dogwood of Rory in Summer 2015


> Rory

Tree species 

> Dogwood


 > It is in my friend's back yard.


My tree is a native dogwood and, its scientific name is Corneus florida . This tree is located in my friend's front yard I also have a very small one in my front yard. The C. florida is a native tree in Asia but it is common here in the United States. My tree grows well in moist soil. Its bark is light brown, rough and looks like it has squared plates. The diameter of this tree is 5.09in. it is not a very big tree but it is very strong. The dogwood is 14.5 feet tall. The native dogwood's leaves are light green and opposite. The leaves are an oval shape and this one has no brown leaves. The C. florida flowers into a beautiful tree with white buds but some other dogwoods could turn red or pink. My neighbor told me that just his tree has a condition in which the leaves don't grow on the top one fourth of the tree. I like this tree because its not perfect but it is still beautiful, in the spring it flowers just like all the other dogwoods but it looks a little different. It reminds me of one of my friends. He has Down syndrome. Every time I wake up I see this tree out of my window and I see the leaves still not growing on the top of this tree, but I still like it. My friend is one of the most beautiful kids I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my life and whenever I see this tree and it is flowering it reminds me that he is also flowering in his life. I always see this tree and my family and I pray for the tree and him so that they will learn to live life to the best, and others will see their beauty even if it's different. This tree stops runoff very well. This is great because we live on a hill and we don't want the people down the hill to be flooded. This tree also provides a lot of shade but since it is not near my house it cannot save us money for electricity. Even though this tree is only 14.5 feet tall it still provides a lot of shade. This tree produces oxygen, which improves our air quality.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 666

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 15

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 51

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 24



  1. The favorite Dogwood of Rory in Summer 2015