The favorite white ash of Evan in Summer 2015


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My tree is a white ash also known as Fraxinus americana. The bark of the tree is black and brown and has very small grey and green mossy spots. The leaves are compound and the leaflets look like an oval with a spike at the end. Veins are running through them. The tree has a lot of leaves that spread out at the top. It has these weird bud-like figures that look like brown broccoli. Also, there are so many large roots that you can see the roots coming out of the ground and it hurts to step on them for me but it also hurts the tree. In the summer and spring, the leaves are a very beautiful green color. In the fall, the leaves turn a purple color. This tree appealed to me because I really like the green and how it spreads out throughout the tree. I was interested in this tree because of how thick it is. What I mean by thick is that is has so many leaves. It sticks out so far and looks like a big circle. The white ash is very beautiful. It has amazing green leaves and when they turn purple, they look even better. It is important for trees to be pretty because it is scientifically proven that if people are ill, looking at trees increases health, helps them heal faster, and helps them have a better mood. Everyone needs clean air to breathe. That also leads to improving the health of people. Everyone needs to have a good healthy body. It is also a great habitat for birds because they can live there and lay eggs three. This tree is important and has many benefits for animals and people.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 1387

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 30

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 175

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 57



  1. The favorite white ash of Evan in Summer 2015