The favorite willow oak of Callie in Summer 2015


> Callie

Tree species 

> Willow oak


 > On the opposite side of the sidewalk in front of my house


My favorite tree in our neighborhood is a beautiful willow oak. Its scientific name is Quercus phellos. This tree towers over the other trees with branches that drape over the street. The leaves are in an oval shape and are arranged in an alternating pattern. This pattern also seems to make star formations of leaves on the branches. The leaves are a dark green and the bark is a rough brown. I really like the triangular shape of it because it reminds me of the trees that I used to draw when I was little. Another reason for its importance to me is that it has been in its position for way longer than I have been alive. I can't imagine anything else being in its place. This tree also plays a big role in the tunnel of trees that you see when you drive down the street that I live on. This tunnel gives my street and sense of peace. It is very unique to our area and is absolutely beautiful! If the tree was not there, our inviting tunnel would not be complete. Not only is this tree special to our street's make up but it is special to the unique characteristics that make up my house. Its size is perfect because it is big enough so that no one can clearly see into our windows, but has the right gaps and positioning to allow us to look out the window. These perfect gaps also give us the right light and temperature during different seasons. The tree provides shade over our house in the summer and light coming through in the winter. This asset, along with many others, helps to make up the wonderful Quercus phellos that I call my favorite tree.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 2487

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 62

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 209

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 51



  1. The favorite willow oak of Callie in Summer 2015