The favorite Red Maple of Harrison in Summer 2015


> Harrison

Tree species 

> Red Maple


 > It is in my back yard.


My favorite tree is a Red Maple, also called Acer rubrum. It is a tall and sturdy tree that is 80.25 foot tall. The bark is very jagged and not smooth to the touch. One thing I noticed is that there is a colony of ants living at the base of this tree. There are some "helicopter" seeds that I saw while examining this tree. The leaves have the shape of a three fingered hand with the colors changing from green to red. In the springtime, this tree doesn't bloom a lot but there are some buds. This maple tree is located in my backyard on the right side of my house. I have so many amazing memories with this tree. This tree has been my favorite ever since I moved into our house in 2006. My favorite memory with this tree is taking my younger sisters to this small swing on the tree when they were infants. I will never forget the smile on their faces when a leaf fell on their heads. To this day, whenever we go out to play, we all head directly for the swing every time. We will keep cherishing these moments with this tree and make more memories. Red Maple trees have many different benefits. One of these benefits is that if you are suffering from an illness or stress, you should go outside. This is because, scientific studies show that looking at trees can help you recover from an illness faster and trees also help people relieve their stress when being around trees. This tree also helps our little friends to have a home. Animals such as birds, ants, and squirrels need shelter so that they can survive climate and seasonal changes. Finally, they need protection from other predators such as larger organisms. All trees can help our community or any other community.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 3573

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 79

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 284

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 84



  1. The favorite Red Maple of Harrison in Summer 2015