The favorite black gum of Bernie in Summer 2015


> Bernie

Tree species 

> Black gum


 > In the middle of my front yard


My tree is a Black Gum tree and its scientific name is Nyssa sylvatica. This tree is young because it was planted this year. The tree has thin branches and has small, waxy looking, leaves. Its leaves are red and the bark is thick. It's approximately 13.5 feet tall, and is native in Kentucky. Its diameter is 5.4 in. It has branches that sway a little low to the ground. It has a bag on the trunk of the tree for water. It is located in the middle of my front yard, and kind of too close to the road. I like this tree because it just fits with our house, our family, and pretty much our whole neighborhood. When my brother and I play baseball or tag, it is used as a base. I like how its leaves kind of look fake because they look like wax. It's going to start growing like crazy and it will just look astonishing, because of the sunlight that will gleam through it. It's important to me because of it makes me relaxed and calmed down to do things that are sometimes challenging. It makes me calm because we I go outside, I sometimes just look at it and the wind whistling through the branches and the waxy looking leaves. The Black Gum is a very pretty tree. Also, it can make other people who drive by and see the tree have a good day, which makes me happy. This tree helps our neighborhood because when people drive by and see it, I think it improves our yard, house, and part of neighborhood. It helps us because without it we would be able to play any of those games. It also provides shade for our yard and let the flowers grow and be healthy. It provides shelter and food for insect and birds, and it's very good for the environment.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 564

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 14

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 62

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 20



  1. The favorite black gum of Bernie in Summer 2015