The favorite ginkgo of Daniel in Summer 2015


> Daniel

Tree species 

> Ginkgo


 > My back yard on a little slope


My tree is a Ginkgo tree; its scientific name is Ginkgo bilboa. The diameter of the tree is 3.82 and the height was fairly tall and measured 17.16 feet. The tree bark is very smooth but some parts are a little bumpy. The leaves look like fans that people use to cool themselves off; the buds on the leaves are in packs that alternate throughout the branch. The trunk size was small and thin. About half way up the tree the branches start to separate. The branches separate again into smaller branches that have leaves. The color of the leaves is green and the tree itself looks pretty healthy. It is located in my backyard on a little slope where some water falls on the leaves and where water goes on the slope and goes downhill to the tree. I like this tree because it stands out to me and we also have several in our yard. The leaves are soft and shaped differently than any other tree. I like the tree because my cat climbs it and then my dog tries to get the cat. The cat stays safe because the leaves help hide him. It also provides shade in the summer time and it is cool when the leaves and the wing come together and blow on you. I also like the fact that the tree has been used to make medicine for sick people and make people feel better when they look at trees when they are in the hospital. The ecosystem services that the tree is providing are helping to slow down or stop storm water runoff and cleaning the air. This tree helps to collect rain on its leaves and bark to slow down the rainwater, so it can soak into the ground. It also helps store rainwater in its root system. The tree helps to clean the air by reducing the amount of dust in the air and other particles that cause allergies or breathing problems. It also helps give off oxygen through photosynthesis.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 376

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 11

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 80

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 31



  1. The favorite ginkgo of Daniel in Summer 2015