The favorite eastern redbud of Anna in Summer 2015


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My favorite tree is an Eastern Redbud or a Cercis canadensis. It was in our garden when we moved into our house and provides shade for our back yard. This tree has brown bark that has been eaten by bugs, and has been climbed on for many years. The leaves are green, with smooth edges. The branches of it spread out near the patio and some of the branches are where if you aren't paying enough attention you'll run into one. The tree is 10.67 inches in diameter, and 13.44 feet in height. This tree is important to me because the first dog I had is buried under it. I have always liked this more than the others because it's different and I think it has the prettiest leaves. The leaves have smooth, round edges and are a bright green color in the summer and fall. I think the leaves of this tree look like lily pads. In the spring the leaves of this tree turn pink and make our garden, and yard look beautiful. This tree has always provided shade in the summer time. I used to climb this tree and pick off the leaves. I have always liked to look at it, and I always have wondered how tall it is. The most important ecosystem features of this tree include the shade it gives our house. The tree is next to our patio, which gets very hot during the summer and the tree makes it a nice place to sit. This tree also blocks lots of storm water every year. The storm water is slowed down by leaves and branches of the tree, which reduces soil erosion by slowing down the rain before it hits the soil. So the rainwater has a better chance of soaking into the ground if it falls more gently

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 1406

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 33

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 105

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 23



  1. The favorite eastern redbud of Anna in Summer 2015