The favorite American Holly of Antonio in Summer 2015


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The American holly is also known as Ilex opaca in scientific naming. The Ilex means holly, and opaca means dark. This is descriptive of the tree, which is dark green. This holly is an evergreen meaning it is green all year long. There are male and female Ilex opaca. The female holly has red little berries. In the fall, the berries turn green and yellow. In the winter, the leaves curl into almost a ball, around the berries for protection. The height of the holly in my yard is 31feet. I like the American holly because there is a game I like to play that involves the berries. So I try to get one of the berries without touching the spiky leaves. I sometimes challenge somebody like my sister; she has won a couple times. I have won about 20 times. There is more I like about the tree. I really like the look of evergreens in my neighborhood and enjoy them when I go on walks and when I bike. In the winter I look down the road behind our house, along the golf course and see how many evergreens there are in the area. I like to see how many different evergreens I see on my way to the pool in summer. The reason I like to count the evergreen is because of the different leaves, some have needles and some have spiked leaves. I only have one favorite, the American holly. It is huge and looks great, dark green with berries, all year round. I am lucky to have this type of tree just out my window in my front yard, so I can enjoy it everyday!

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 668

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 21

CO2 reduction (pounds)


Overall annual benefits ($)

= 13



  1. The favorite American Holly of Antonio in Summer 2015