The favorite willow oak of Lainey in Summer 2015


> Lainey

Tree species 

> Willow Oak


 > It is in my front yard.


My favorite tree is called a Willow Oak. Its scientific name is Quercus phellos. I think my tree is beautiful. It has brown, tough, grooved bark that are in pieces. The leaflets are a medium green with a bristle on top. The tree also has acorns that start falling around late September. The acorns are green with a checkered, bumpy, green and brown caps. I like this tree because it is big and right in front of the left side of my house. Also, whenever we play football this is our tree that we have to pass to get a touchdown. This means whenever someone passes it someone yells "touchhhh downnnnn!" My favorite time of the year with this tree is fall because it always loses a lot of its leaves. This is a bad thing and a good thing. All the leaves are bad because that means we have to rake them up, but after, we always jump in the huge pile of leaves. I also like it because it is beautiful even when it is bare. The Willow Oak that is in my front yard is a tree that is very helpful. Not only does it increase our property value it is a beautiful tree. This tree is also a home to many animals. Sometimes when I look up in it I see six or more nests of families whose lives would be different without my tree. These nests are usually birds' nests or squirrels' nests. These animals wouldn't have a home and they would have no place to sleep, stay dry, and take care of their young. For the rest of my life, I hope to see this tree standing taller than ever, saving money, and giving a home to wildlife.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 6692

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 134

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 1005

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 129



  1. The favorite Willow Oak of Lainey in Summer 2015