The favorite Black Locust of Joshua in Summer 2015


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Tree species 

> Black Locust


 > In my front yard


My tree is a Black Locust (Robinia psuedo-acacia). It sits in the front yard of my house by the street. My tree is 192 inches tall (16 feet) and is an old tree that has been there ever since I was little. Because of that, it has a rough trunk. It still has a great effect on how people look at my house despite its rotting trunk and drooping branches. It is still a very beautiful tree. In the fall, the leaves turn orange and red and in the spring, white and yellow flowers bloom on its long, outstretched branches. The trunk is very large and the branches stretch out over the street and my driveway. In the winter, along with two other large trees, when it snows, it takes a while for the snow to melt because the trees cover the entire front yard. This makes it cooler and shadier, so that the snow stays cold and frozen. It also provides shade to my house and to my yard.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 2042

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 56

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 302

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 68



  1. The favorite Black Locust of Joshua in Summer 2015