The favorite Juglans Nigra of Benton in Summer 2015


> Benton

Tree species 

> Juglans Nigra


 > It is next to my house in my backyard.


My favorite tree is the black walnut or the scientific name Juglans nigra. The black walnut tree that I measured is next door to my house. I like this tree because of its yellow leaves when the seasons change. One of the thIngs I don't like is that it drops walnuts. If you pick them up your hand will get stained. I think that is its way of protecting itself from people. It also makes it hard to play basketball because there are so many walnuts and one time I fell and scraped my elbow. So now I don't play basketball in the fall. Instead I will hit the walnuts over my fence with a baseball bat and watch them break in the air while the inside of the walnut flies everywhere. I like this tree because it is a big tree and a lot animals come to eat the walnuts. My dog also likes it because she likes to chase the animals across the neighborhood when we take her on walks. It also provides shade to my neighbors longhorns, sheep and their dogs. It is a great hole when I play regular golf. I also have a J.nigra in my backyard, we have a tree house built on it. We also use it for our home run marker when we play whiffle ball. I like these trees because they both provide shade for animals and for my house. No matter where these trees are I think they are a great benefit for the environment. I will always remember the memories I have made with these trees.

Rainwater interception (gallons)

= 1729

Energy conservation (kWh)

= 47

CO2 reduction (pounds)

= 219

Overall annual benefits ($)

= 54



  1. The favorite Juglans Nigra of Benton in Summer 2015